8 Warning Signs Of Chronic Anxiety You Should Never Ignore


Anxiety isn’t always as obvious as you would think. On the contrary, most people that are given a diagnosis associated with an anxiety disorder display a number of symptoms that they often don’t realize are caused by anxiety.

1. Muscle Tension

While muscle tension and soreness are usually associated with physical issues, most people that experience anxiety also experiences muscle tension.

2. Constant Fatigue

When you are constantly overwhelmed with anxiety, your mind becomes overworked. In turn, you may lack the necessary sleep to become fully rested. Because of this, if you have anxiety it is likely that you will also feel tired.

3. Irritability and Mood Swings

Usually, when people are abnormally angry or experience mood swings, we immediately assume that they have a mood disorder. However, according to psychologists, this can be a symptom of anxiety.

4. Inability to Focus

If we are experiencing chronic anxiety, our mind may seem to be everywhere. Unfortunately, this can make it quite difficult to focus on our daily tasks making us feel overwhelmed.