8 Things Men Pause To Tell Women


There are moments in any relationship where men are caught up in a situation where they cant tell the truth to their women.

It is one of those awkward moments or uneasy questions men just blatantly lie to get past. There are lot of things men hesitate to tell women due to various reasons.

It may be a fake compliment or a lie about their ex, there are several things that men in common hesitate to express or reveal to their partners.

Sometimes there are moments when their partner gets ready for a party in a way that might seem inappropriate or too stylish for them.

During such times hardly handful of men would dare to speak out the truth while most would sheepishly put on a poker face and compliment them in a kind manner to get past the situation rather than risk a confrontation or wait out more of her get-ready time.

Sometimes there could be a situation where men find a stranger or a pretty lady very attractive or seductive which they can’t dare to compliment or comment on.

Men fear such gestures could lead to unwanted petty fights or could risk angering their partner.

Other major secret or facts about their pre-dating life they wish not to reveal to current partner would be regarding the ‘score’, which basically the number of women they might have previously dated or slept with.

Most men usually hesitate to reveal such intimate and close to chest facts.

1. Fantasizing women: This is something most man dares to reveal to their partners. Most men do fantasise their favourite actress or the hyper attractive female they just met at the pub during the act, but hesitate to say so.

2. Salary figures: Questions about salary are something that every guy dreads and wishes to evade more often from women fearing inferiority factor.

3. Career positions: This is something they dread as much as salary. Naming or revealing their career designation is a matter most men hesitate to talk about with women.

4. Praising too much: “You look pretty” is nothing major, while most men use it quite often on their partners. Even though they could say a lot more goodies about their partners, they hesitate to praise them too much.

5. Constant attention: Men like to be discrete and many are elusive most times while their partners prefer constant attention and presence. Most men dare not reveal the annoyance caused by constantly texting or calling through the day.

6. Disagree: Even though women are weaker lot in nature, they command authority in a relationship. If a women likes dogs, the man would surely hesitate to disagree or object to getting one.

7. Score: Most men keep score of the women they might have dated or slept over with. Its their ‘thing’ which they hesitate to reveal to their partners no matter how persuasive they might be.

5. Ex factors: Most men try to burry their past and ex’s while starting a new journey with a new partner. No matter how much a woman tries to dig it out, they come out empty more often than not.

H/T: Boldsky