8 Things Girls Do Unintentionally That Men Find Totally Attractive


Guys have a long list of things that they find hot about you, and since they are all super normal things, you would really never even think about it.

Do you know that this ability to find anything fast is something men love? I bet you don’t. So the next time your boyfriend asks you to find the remote, maybe he’s not being stubborn. Maybe he just wants to see you find it fast and automatically fall in love with you more.

How often do we bite our lips? All the time. And we do not even know that we are doing it. And men love it.

But for some unknown reasons, men are fans of women who know how to make their hair look good.

Stretching is probably one of the most normal things that we do. Who doesn’t stretch each morning? But did you know men are pretty fond of seeing you stretch? And not in a lustful way. They love when you do a normal morning stretch when you wake up.

You will probably perfect the full-on makeup in five minutes or less. And then your boyfriend will be amazed at how you do it. Let him think you’re just a magical and mysterious creature.

If you’re ashamed of showing your boyfriend this, if you choose to change in the bathroom, you might want to consider changing that. Because this very typical ability is something that guys secretly love. If you ask your boyfriend, he will probably tell you about it.

This is probably why your boyfriend is amazed when you do this seemingly normal thing.

Your smile AND eyes is literally the cutest things I have ever seen in my life..

H/T :  Thetalko