1. Money isn’t everything

Money sure isn’t everything but you must have some, you have to try to get up in life instead of pushing ambition and opportunities away. You know the little amount of money he earns and you try to help him set up something big but all he comes back at you with is this one line, as if to suggest that you are a gold digger as an excuse for his own laziness.

2. I’ve dated a lot of crazy women

Firstly, he has the audacity to bring up his opinion about all the women he has dated, that too in a generalizing way implying that everything that ever went wrong in his relationships was due to the women’s attitudes. Plus, if you look at it closely, the statement looks like it is blurted out by an edgy teenager who just wants to brag about the number of women he has dated.

3. I am horny

This will happen more often than you expect and the worst thing about it will be his missing efforts to make you horny too. If he wants you in, he will work on it. If you are nothing but a piece of meat to him, he will literally, plainly, tell you that he is horny as if you are to serve his sexual needs like a slave. And when you say no, he gets more upset than he should.

4. More boobs

When sexting, you notice the lack of emotion from his side. It almost seems like he is talking to for the sake of nudes and that is the only time he replies quickly. His requests for more will be, moreover, empty of any effort as he will make none to make it look appealing. He will ask like he has other sources if you deny and won’t be very active when it comes to doing his part.

 5. That’s how it is

If he is not willing to listen to reason and chooses to stay firm on his opinions no matter how senseless they are, be alert, he is from the playboy clan: too rigid to welcome any new opinions and proud of his own wrong ways. People, who do not keep their ears open for new ideas, even if it is a scientific one, need some brainwashing and playboy fall into that lot.

6. Netflix and chill again?

Every time it comes to going out on a date, he suggests staying at home and snuggling up all day. Something is wrong if he does not want to go out in public with you. We know how Netflix and chill ends and so does he, so probably that is all he really wants to perfectly fit in the category of playboy. Staying at home together is fun, no doubt, but never going out isn’t right.


7. Was busy

After you have sent him half a dozen texts asking him where he has been and if everything is okay, he replies with was busy, is your ass on fire?

It’s all about putting effort. He needs to present a detailed reason as to why he was absent for so long to show that he cares about you and appreciates you being worried for him. He obviously does not care if he does not think he needs to give an explanation.


8. I want to have fun

If he says that anytime near the beginning of dating, abort mission. Abort it if you are in it for something else. I just want to have fun probably means that I am in it for dates and sex, maybe without the dates part. Everyone wants to have fun in relationships but fun cannot and should not be everything one wants from it.

H/T: RelRules