4. “I’m so thankful to have you in my life.”

Gratitude and thankfulness are always very endearing and affectionate expressions to share with your boyfriend. Always make sure that he feels appreciated for being in your life. You don’t ever want him to feel like he is undervalued or that he is unimportant to you.

5. “Do you want me to stop by your favorite restaurant for some food before coming home tonight?”

Be thoughtful every so often. Be kind to him. Do nice things for him just for the sake of making him happy. Express your thoughtfulness by asking him if you want him to do anything that he would like you to do. Sometimes, the offer means so much more than the actual gesture.

6. “You should know that I’m thinking about you right now.”

Let him know that he is the one thing that runs through your mind constantly on a daily basis. The very idea of him consumes your thoughts all day and all night. You want him to know just how important he is to you and how significant a role he plays in your life.