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8 Steps To Healing A Broken Heart

8 Steps To Healing A Broken Heart

So, when a relationship comes to an end, for whatever reason, we can feel a huge amount of loss and betrayal and it can take a long time to completely get over heartbreak.

If you are still bearing the pain of a breakup, here are 8 tips that will help you mend your broken heart.

1. Accept your emotions

It’s tough, and it hurts, so accept the pain that you are feeling and allow yourself to grieve. The emotions that you feel when you break up with someone you love are just the same as you feel when you lose a close family member. You have to allow yourself a period of grieving and introspection, before you can really move on.

2. Don’t contact your ex

The best thing to do after a breakup is to break all ties with our ex and, however much that you feel that may you want to, don’t start making excuses to see him again. If he left some of his things at your place, send them to him, or ask a friend to deliver them to him for you, but don’t ask him round to pick them up. Every time you see your ex, it will bring back the memories, and you will have to start the grieving process all over again.

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3. Don’t start a rebound relationship

You might think that jumping straight back into dating again will mend your broken heart, but it will probably make you feel worse, and it will most likely end in tears. Rebound relationships are almost always a bad idea, because you emotions will still be raw, and you will not have gotten over your ex yet. It won’t be fair on the new guy either, because he’s going to be in a no-win situation.

4. Enjoy your new found independence for a while

Instead of thinking about all the things that you will miss, try to think about all the things that you can do that now that you are not tied down by a relationship. You need to get out of the mind-set that says you have to be in a relationship to be happy, because that is simply not true. Many people live the single life out of choice and they have a great time living it to the full!

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5. Don’t stay at home alone for too long

You might need a few days to yourself to collect your thoughts and cry a few tears, but don’t let that isolation become too much of a habit. As soon as you feel strong enough, get out with friends, or go and visit your family. If you sit at home on your own, your mind will invariably settle on sad thoughts, but if you are with other people, it will take your mind off your ex for a while.

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Whatever happened to cause a breakup, it is extremely unlikely that it is all down to you, so don’t blame yourself for the split. Everyone has the thoughts of ‘what did I do wrong’, and ‘what could I have done differently’, but the reality is that there is probably nothing that you could have done and you just have to put it down to experience. Usually, if there anyone to blame at all for the end of a relationship, there will have been faults on both sides.

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7. Give your compassion to someone else

Even when you are going through the pain of heartbreak, you are still loved and you are still capable of showing your love to other people. Focus your attention on trying to help other people and caring for the other people in your life that you love. Sometimes, all we need after a breakup is to be reminded that we are not alone.

8. It will pass

The biggest healer for a broken heart is time. Although you may not believe it when you first break up with someone you love, you will get over the pain and, eventually, you will be able to look on the relationship with fond memories, rather than regret. Take it easy, take it one step at a time, and you will soon be able to move on with the rest of your life.

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