Following are the signs that can help you identify whether you have found your forever person or not:


You include one another in your lives

Both emotional and physical proximity is an important aspect of a healthy relationship. You have found your forever person if he or she tries their best to include you in their lives and not just in the big ways. They consider you in all the possible ways, both big and small. Your partner makes his or her best efforts to get along with your friends and family and included you with their own friends and family. Every person in your social circle is aware of your partner’s love for you and vice versa.


You two are always completely yourself with one another

In your relationship, there is no need for either of you to fake anything or pretend to be someone that you are not. There is utmost honesty even when you know that your partner will not agree with your opinion. There is such honesty because you do not see one another’s differences as threatening but rather, they make your bond stronger.


There is open and unbarred communication

What makes your partner your forever person is the fact that the communication in your relationship is perfect. Everything is talked about and even the most serious of issues are resolved quickly. You two never go to sleep angry and you have never been apart for long due to anger.