There is a really different between having a partner who is inherently kind and affectionate, and a partner who is simply too needy and clingy.  Here are 8 signs that your partner may be a very little too clingy:

1. They don’t love it when you hang out with your friends.

They want you to be spending all of your time on them and simply them. They get insanely jealous after you prefer to hang around with your friends as a result of they feel like they’re entitled to all or any of your time and attention.

2. They demand constant updates from you.

They never provide you with the chance to simply breathe and be your own person. they’re scared of giving you too much freedom and independence because they’re afraid that you simply may find yourself choosing to leave them.

3. They always agree with you irrespective of what.

They always apparently believe you. they’re too afraid to get into an argument with you because they’re scared of how you’d respond. They wouldn’t want to risk destabilizing the relationship so they only allow themselves to be spineless people who stand for nothing.

4. They don’t offer you the space to just be yourself.

They are perpetually making an attempt to make you fit into their narrative regardless of how inconvenient or how unnatural it’s going to be for you. They never provide you with the space that you just need to explore other things or experiences. they require your entire life to be consisting of just your relationship.

5. They act too good to be true.

No one is going to be perfect. everybody has their very little faults and imperfections. you’ve got to know that by now. thus there ought to be a particular cause for worry if you haven’t managed to search out any flaws in them. you’ll never trust someone whose dark side you have got yet to witness or experience for yourself.

6. They text you every waking hour.

They never provide you with any breathing space. they need to be in communication with you every-time. while it’s good to have healthy open lines of communication along with your partner, it must always be done in moderation. you have got to give one another space to be your individual selves sometime. It can’t be healthy for either of you to be spending all of your time simply conversing with each other. You risk boxing yourselves into a toxic relationship setting.

7. They tell you that they love you a little too often.

It’s nice and great if you tell your partner that you love them on an even basis. but if you begin treating it like some kind of routine, it starts to lose its value and meaning . you’ve got have to be compelled to always be sincere in your expression of feeling.

8. They constantly crave for your attention and care.

They always wish you to be giving them your attention. they’re going to want you to take care of them even when they’re perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. this can be what gives them validation and value in life; and it’s unhealthy.