8 Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Emotionally Cheating On You


There is the physical form of cheating and then there is also the emotional one. You have to be able to look at your relationship objectively. People can have emotional affairs just as they can have physical ones. In an ideal and healthy relationship, both people involved should always be investing equal parts of themselves into the relationship. All of those fun moments that you used to have lots of times in the past are no longer prominent in your relationship these days.

In an emotional affair, you are still going to find some form of deceit, betrayal, mistrust, and dishonesty. You find yourself to be the only one giving; but you’re never receiving. If you feel like your partner just isn’t making the effort in the relationship anymore, then that is a definite cause for concern.

There’s just no more fun and joy in your relationship, you must also consider the amount of emotional investment that goes into emotional affairs; these are investments that one could be making for the legitimate relationship. Instead, the emotional cheater is dividing his emotional energy in more ways than one.

He’s going to want to turn things around on you and make you feel pressured with his responses. He gets very defensive whenever you ask him questions. He acts as if he’s being interrogated even though all of your questions are perfectly reasonable and innocent.  lately, If your partner just isn’t putting the effort in your relationship anymore, it may be because he’s putting it someplace else.  He’s going to try to shift your attention from your questions to his mood.

He used to just let you borrow his phone whenever you wanted, but now he will delete a few things before giving you the phone, That may be because he’s trying to protect some vital information from falling into your hands

If you think your partner is having an emotional affair, Talk to your partner. ask them.

Here are 8 signs that your boyfriend is emotionally cheating on you

1. You are the only one who is emotionally invested in the relationship.

2. Notice changes in what your partner says to you. (Changes in your partner’s attitude and tone towards you)

3. You don’t really have quality time with one another anymore.

4. You notice that they are being more protective of their phones and computers.

5. Your gut is telling you that there’s something wrong

6. Your partner is pulling away from you

7. Your partner acts excessively irritable and defensive lately.

8. If your partner has started to dress differently to go to work, the gym, or to a business dinner, it could be a sign.

Source: Relrules