8 Signs You Are Not Physically And Emotionally Attracted To Your Man Anymore


Are you going through a rough period of your own? Or is it really time to call it quits?

Unfortunately, our feelings for our partners change as time moves on. It’s no one’s fault. Let’s take a look at the 8 signs you are not attracted to your man anymore.


1. You Snap Easily

Not only does every little thing he does annoy you, but you get really snappy any time he does these things.

“Why are you wearing the same jeans again, oh my gosh!!”

He can’t understand your reaction. What’s the big deal?

The big deal is that you’ve had enough. You’re no longer attracted to him, and it’s beginning to show.

2. It’s Inconvenient When He Calls Randomly

Remember when he used to call you up at the most random moments? It could have been 11PM when he called and you still had work to do. But you LOVED it when he called and would spend an hour or two happily chatting to him. Work could wait.

Now, though, it really annoys you when he calls you up without warning. Sometimes you stare at the phone for ages, wondering if you should answer. It’s inconvenient that he’s calling. You’ve got other things to do.

Why does he have to keep calling? Hasn’t he got better things to be doing?

If it irritates you when he calls you up without warning, it’s a pretty big sign that things aren’t going too well.

3. Every Thing He Does Rubs You Up The Wrong Way

He literally can’t do anything without it getting on your nerves. From the way he wears the same faded jeans every day of the week, to the way he chews loudly on his food … what you once found cute and endearing you now find total annoying!

This is always a bad sign. If even the small things he does irritate you, it’s not good.

It’s strange how this happens – how the things we used to love about him now annoys us. But it sometimes happens. And when it does, it might be time to get out. Otherwise, he might get upset if your resentment builds and builds and comes out in ways you didn’t intend.

4. He Doesn’t Do The Things He Used To Do

Think back to what attracted you to him so much in the first place. Was it the way he did his hair? Was it his beard? Was it the way he dressed, or the way he was so outgoing?

Or maybe it was his ambition or job?

Does he still do these things, or have there been changes? If there have been significant changes, it could be a reason why you’ve lost the attraction.

5. He Simply Doesn’t Look As Attractive

Maybe there’s been a major physical change to his appearance that hasn’t quite worked out for you. Maybe he’s put weight on or lost weight. Maybe he’s just let himself go and doesn’t seem to care how he looks anymore.

6. You’ve Got The Urge To Message Other Guys

Maybe there were other guys on your horizon when you first got together with your man. You were interested in them, and maybe flirted with them a little. But as soon as he came along and finally asked you out, you lost all interest in them. You only wanted him.

Now, however, you find yourself thinking about the other guys again. Not only are you thinking about them, but you’ve also got an urge to message them to see how they’re doing.

And the thought of catching up with them and maybe even flirting with them is exciting.

This is another super strong sign that you’re not attracted to your man anymore. But all is not lost. You may find that you message another guy, but remember what an idiot he was in the first place.

As well as what a great guy your guy is!

7. You Don’t Miss Him

“I miss you.”

Remember those three words? You probably spoke them a lot during the early phases of your relationship.

When was the last time you said them first and genuinely meant each word?

It’s easy to say “I miss you,” especially when he says he misses you first. But do you genuinely mean it? Do you actually feel as though you really miss him?

Or does a part of you feel kinda relieved when you get to spend a bit of time apart?

8 . He Doesn’t Inspire You Anymore

If he used to inspire you when you guys first got together to be a better version of YOU but doesn’t anymore, you might need to ask if you’re really as attracted to him as you once were.

Just remember, though, that even if you are experiencing some of these warning signs, the relationship can still be fixed. Find out why you feel the way you do, and see if you can work on it.

H/T: BeautyandTips