8 Signs He’s Not Ready To Propose

4. He’s Mr. Excuse man

Men are simple creatures. When they want something, you’ll know. If they’re constantly making excuses about marriage or the future, it’s time to realise that something’s wrong. If he’s too busy and stressed to talk or think about marriage, it’s time to say ‘Sayonara’. If he has too much going on to focus on buying a ring, your future together isn’t looking so bright.
Any excuse isn’t a good thing. If your boyfriend blames his lack of interest in marriage on work, money or family, then he isn’t eager to walk down the aisle.

5. He says he’s happy with the way things are

Plain and simple, if your man tells you he that he’s happy with the way things are, or he doesn’t want to ruin the special relationship you have, then he has no intention of taking your relationship to the next level.

6.He hasn’t mentioned starting a family

Men don’t have a baby clock ticking away like women do. In a man’s brain, having a family is a natural thing that will happen one day, when you’re married and the time is right. However, if he’s unwilling to discuss having a family one day, he may not be ready to walk down the aisle.

7. He has no interest in your future

When you mention your five-year plan, if he seems completely uninterested in what you have in mind, he isn’t looking to build a life together.

8. None of his friends are married

Are your boyfriend’s friends mostly married or mostly single? If he has surrounded himself with only happy bachelors instead of having a healthy mix of single and married friends, then he won’t rush to take things to the next step.

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