1. He over-expects

He doesn’t want to take the initiative or make any effort himself, but expects you to do so every time, be it planning a date, giving him gifts, planning vacations or just fulfilling all of his wishes.

2. He never appreciates you 

You may slog all day to plan a surprise for him, cook him a great meal, dress up, do something he has been wanting to do for long but couldn’t find the time and all you get in return is ‘no appreciation’ from him!

3. He never introduces you to his family or friends

Because he knows in his mind that you for him are a time pass and meeting with friends and family would only complicate things, along with giving you the wrong ‘commitment’ signals!

4. He shouts at you anywhere

He does not know how to conduct himself in public, and shouts and screams at you any time, anywhere!

5. He expects you to pay everywhere

We don’t mean he should be your ATM but as courtesy, he should at least offer to pick up the tab. Also, for the same reason, why should you be his money supplier always?

6.He does not like to cuddle

If he was really into you, he would not miss any opportunity to grab you tight every chance he got!

7. He never listens to you

He pretends to, but never takes in a word of what you are saying. Try asking him what you were talking about and he will be blank!

8. He blames you for all that goes wrong

Because taking responsibility is not his forte and blaming is obviously easier. He would not do so if he really cared for you.

H/T:  BollywoodShaadis