8 Signs He Loves You Even If He Hasn’t Said It Yet


Here are a few of those signs that all women should look out for that are a bigger proclamation of a man’s love.

1. He likes talking about you

He likes talking about you, your likes and dislikes, and things he loves about you. They may seem mundane and ordinary to some, but to him everything about you is beautiful and worthy of adoration.

2. He takes care of you

When a man loves you, he may not always enunciate it like the letters of the alphabet, but he shall however do little things that restore your belief in the emotion. He would do the dishes on the days you’re too tired, or cook you dinner on a night before your big presentation because he knows you’d be busy and he cares.

3. He holds your hand

He doesn’t feel the need to walk two steps ahead of you, or do something equally medieval. He is not ashamed of holding your hand in public. In fact, he is proud to call you a part of his life, and loves how you both take comfort in that familiar and reassuring touch.