Gray hair is considered as a sign of ageing but there are other reasons of graying of hair. Age is not the only reason but stress and using hair products more often, both can be counted as some of the main reasons. Gray hair is the result of production of insufficient amount of melanin which weakens the strength of hair follicles and then hair loses its dark color. Here are some of the main reasons that contribute in increase of gray hair.

Let’s study the seven habits that cause gray hair under 30.

1. You are a stressed woman

Stress has always been a reason behind each and every problem that you have to go through and even in graying of hair stress is a dominant factor. Stress typically manifests in graying of hair. Gray hair is the result of depigmentation which is the caused by the stress.

2. A vitamin deficiency

As mentioned, a vitamin B12 deficiency can accelerate the greying of hair. Vegetarians and vegans, due to their dietary restrictions, may also be at a greater risk for premature greying. Individuals that take birth control pills, and those with gastrointestinal or digestive issues may also be at a higher risk for premature greying.

3. You are a compulsive smoker

Smoking not only damages your lungs but it is also the reason of infertility in woman. According to a survey woman who start smoking and are addicted to smoking are more prone to gray hair, comparatively to those who don’t smoke. Smoke is counted as one of the reason behind smoking because in cigarettes the carcinogens damage the hair follicles and decrease the production of melanin.

4. You use a hard shampoo

If you are using a hard shampoo then instantly change your shampoo and try to use those shampoos which are herbal in nature and are mild. Harsh shampoo can result in gray hair before time as they damages hair follicles.