The 8 Golden Rules Of A Relationship, Do Your Very Best To Follow This Golden Rule


Here are a few essential relationship rules that you always have to follow.

1. Respect the boundaries that you set for one another.

You must both still remember that you are still essentially two individuals who are choosing to share a life together. You should be willing to respect each other’s boundaries and individuality. If your partner asks for some space or privacy, you should be willing to respect that.

2. Love one another.

Remember the foundation of everything that you have ever built together. At the base of it all, underneath all the flash and glamour, it should always be love. Whenever things get difficult, always go back to the reason why you got together in the first place: you love each other and you wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

3. Make sure you are always listening to one another.

Communication goes both ways. You are both actively expressing yourself and listening to whatever it is your partner wants to tell you. It can never be one-sided. You must always be making it a point to really hear each other out so that you can understand one another better.

4. Apologize whenever warranted.

Don’t hesitate to say sorry especially when you know that you are at fault. Also, when you know that you have done something wrong, don’t wait for your partner to demand an apology from you. It takes away from the value and meaning of your apology when you wait too long to give it.

5. Don’t take the little things for granted.

Always make sure that the little things still matter to you. Whenever you make little promises to your partner, make sure that you fulfill them. The little things matter because they are what make up the big things in the relationship.

6. Keep your emotions in check during heated arguments.

You are only human and so you are going to have your disagreements every once in a while. You are going to fight and argue. You might even be tempted to strangle each other to death at times. But it’s always important for the both of you to always keep your cool and manage your emotions.

7. Make it a point to spend quality time together.

Time is always important. A lot of couples will fall into the trap of not consciously making it a point to spend time with each other. That’s a big mistake. Remember that the amount of time that you invest into the relationship is correlated to the amount of success your relationship will have.

8. Have an active and healthy sex life.

Never underestimate the significance of having a happy and healthy sex life. Remember that sexual intimacy actually helps build strong emotional connections between the both of you. Make it a point to always have fun by mixing things up in the bedroom every once in a while. Keep things interesting.

H/T: RelRules