8 Clear Signs That You Should Walk Away From Him

If you are in a relationship that currently confuses you, then this is the list for you. This can help you figure out if you’ve reached the breaking point – the point wherein you just have to accept the fact that things aren’t going to work out in your favor. If a lot on the items on this list apply to your situation, then you should just cut your losses and move on to better things.

1. You haven’t gotten any returns for your efforts.

You’ve invested so much in the relationship already but you don’t feel like you’re getting anything in return. At some point, you have to acknowledge that enough is enough and that you deserve to be in a relationship that has a good balance of give and take.

2. You feel tired all of the time.

A relationship shouldn’t be bogging you down. A relationship shouldn’t be the main source of all of your stress in the world. In fact, if a relationship isn’t energizing you and building you up, then there’s something wrong. That’s not a relationship worth staying in.

3. He is reluctant to discuss the future with you.

The best kinds of relationships always have couples who aren’t afraid of talking about the future. If he’s the type of guy who doesn’t have an eye on the future, then that means he doesn’t really envision a future with you at all. So unless you’re looking for something casual and temporary, you should just find love elsewhere.

4. He leaves you feeling really desperate and dependent.

Despite the fact that you’re in a relationship with someone, you should still be able to maintain a sense of independence and stability. You can’t afford to be needy and dependent on another person. You have to be able to live your own life on your own two feet. 

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