8 Behaviors That Make People Like You More


1. Offer your time

A no-strings-attached approach to serving to others additionally causes you to a lot of likable. think about the person you wish the most–usually, it’s somebody who can assist you with the copier machine or is willing to scan through your business proposal during a pinch. Of course, those that help just to be liked continually reveal a manipulative trait, thus make sure you’re real.

2. Ask some questions.

I’ve detected those who ask questions are typically well-liked. It’s human nature to be useful which we all have a wonderful need to share what we tend to all know. once somebody appears to want our help, we tend to tend to like them a lot of as a result of we have a tendency to love being the one who provides the answers.

3. Talk more, not less.

A friend of mine is a little business owner and he’s very well liked . one among his strongest traits is that he tends to speak constantly. You never have to guess what he’s thinking. He’s not blunt or rude, however he explains things very well. Being an introvert, i need to develop this trait a lot of in myself–and use texting and e-mail a little less usually.

4. Go for the laugh, every time.

It’s hard to hate a comedian or somebody who has a carefree approach to life. Usually, the most-liked people are those who will fill a room with laughter. it would not be in your nature to joke around, and that’s okay. just confirm you’re able to see the humor in something. Be someone who will laugh easily and smile usually. You’ll win people over.

5. Listen better.

I mentioned however talkers tend to be a lot of likable, and that’s true. Sometimes, over-communicating puts people relaxed. however it’s additionally necessary to pause once during a while and listen. smart communicators take a breath once during a while! Likable folks are continually listeners who are curious to (genuinely) learn new things. the best communicators speak and talk–and then listen for a response. that makes them an office favorite.

6. really and truly care.

How does one develop the personality trait of caring? It will be tough, particularly in an age of social media where everyone seems to be dangerously on the point of being a narcissist. Caring is an act of setting aside your own interests and ambitions for a moment and serving to others. It needs effort. you’ve got to consciously decide you’re going to care regarding someone else. once you do, and you’re real about it, you’ll realize that a lot of people can such as you.

7. Admit it, you don’t understand everything.

We all know how necessary it’s to steer afar from the office egoist. Why is that? a part of the reason is we all know that person won’t ask for our help, and that we wish to be useful. additional importantly, those that have all of the answers are typically pushing their own agenda. In their self-conceited attitude, they exhibit a sense of pride that’s not attractive to anyone.


8. Lighten up.

I will admit to battling this one. I’m a significant person with serious concerns! (Most of the time.) however it’s better to examine the big picture in life. extremely serious people are primarily acting selfish as a result of they focus too much on their personal problems. highly likable people at work are those that will put aside their issues and go with the flow. They’re unselfish.