70 Simple Things To Do to Express Your Love In The Correct Manner


Love should be visible in actions and everything we do for our partners should demonstrate our love for them. It ought to be expressed by these activities that are nearly nothing yet so huge in importance:

• Cooking for them when they are tired and hungry

• Trying to cheer them by up by telling all the silly jokes you know

• Attending events with them that you’re actually not interested in, but they are

• Sharing everyday stories with them at the end of the day

• Supporting their hobbies at all cost

• Leaving them random love notes

• Singing with them

• Watching their favorite movie again and again even if you don’t like it

• Keeping them updated about what’s going on in your life

• Listening to their own everyday stories from workplace

• Attending to their family members and befriending their cousins

• Facing challenges together

• Sharing our food with them; dwelling on a piece of chocolate together

• Giving them a helping hand in taking groceries inside

• Helping them start their car in cold

• Giving them advice in the time of crisis

• Making them smile

• Being there to wipe their tears

• Sharing a blanket with them