You may need to know the way to take the medications properly. Medications for HIV got to be taken consistently. Otherwise, the virus will become immune to the medicine and reproduce itself quicker. after you start taking antiretroviral medicine, you’ll need to keep taking them for the entire life. thus ensure you’re able to this serious commitment. Before starting taking ARVs, you’ll be able to test yourself for consistency by taking a piece of candy at a particular time on a daily basis. Your performance with this may assist you know whether or not you’re able to start taking the medication.

Have a reminder. you’ll be able to choose to set an alarm or a reminder on your phone or just check off a to-do list. this may assist you forever bear in mind to require your medication. Store the medicine properly. Ideally, you must keep them at a spot where you’ll be able to always see them, such as near to your bed. once travelling, you must have a container with the medications.

Have enough amounts of the medications at all times. it’s necessary to keep over your need of the medicine at all times just in case something happens. Whenever you nearly run short of the medicine, you wish to go to the pharmacist to avoid a final minute rush.

Here are also recommendations on the way to live healthily with HIV.

1. Don’t engage in Risky Sexual Behavior

As a HIV patient, you must always practice safe sex, even with partners who are already infected. this can help prevent you from obtaining infected with sexually transmitted diseases, similar to hepatitis. safe sex also helps you not spread HIV to those that aren’t infected with this virus.

2. Improve Your lifestyle

Avoid smoking, drinking and recreational medication. Also, you must try and improve your levels of physical activity. this can assist you develop a stronger and healthier body which will combat the virus.

3. Eat a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is that the key to boosting your system. you would like to eat a well-balanced diet that’s rich in nutrients. Some good choices are whole grains, lean meat, fresh vegetables and fruits.

4. Avoid Wrong kinds of Foods

Avoid foods that you’re allergic to. additionally, you would like to avoid raw sea food, half cooked meat, raw eggs and unpasteurized dairy farm products. they will cause foodborne unhealthiness and the level of severity of consequences is increased in HIV patients.

5. Get Vaccinations

Since you’re more at risk of common infections, you must get immunized against them. At the same time, you must avoid vaccines that are made using live viruses which might cause diseases since your system is already weakened.

6. Take care with Pets and different Animals

Pets and animals could carry parasites which will cause infections in people with HIV. for example, cats carry excretion which will cause infection. always wash your hands after handling animals.

7. Avoid obtaining Stressed

If you are feeling stressed, increase your sleep time, and take a look at stress relieving practices such as respiration exercises. this is often because stress lowers the extent of immunity in your body, and this will increase your probabilities of developing AIDS faster.