7 Ways To Get A Girl To Call You If She Has Your Number

In the usual dating way, You got a woman you are interested in and she gave you her number,  it’s no guarantee that you just will get her on the phone. whether or not she is someone you just met via a casual friend. Your texts and messages might give her a reason to want to call you.  In order to try and get her on the phone, you can try the following.

1. Wait a day or two.

You don’t need to appear desperate by texting directly, however you also don’t need to wait too long. many ladies say they lose interest if they don’t hear from a man pretty soon afterward initial exchange of numbers. about twenty four to thirty six hours could be a good rule of thumb.

2. Text only to make contact.

Use text messaging or social media to communicate to her that you just have an interest in talking with her. Don’t allow texting to become an habitual exchange between the two of you. additionally, texting a lot with somebody you don’t know well are often awkward and she or he may read it as a signal that you are not really that interested

3. Watch what you text.

The most important disadvantage about texting is probably that it can’t communicate things like facial expression, your character, tone of voice, or body language. therefore don’t make disrespectful remarks, or make remarks that read as critical, whiney, or insecure. She won’t be ready to be charmed by your apologetic humor without seeing your cute grin and adorable shoulder shrug too.

4. Tell her you’d rather speak than text.

Let her understand that texting together with her is nice, but you’re hoping to speak on the phone together with her. you may try saying something like “This is fun texting with you, and i am sure talking with you’ll be even more fun.”

5. Choose a decent time to call.

If you call her number while she was at lunch, or taking a tea break mid-morning, attempt calling then. Don’t call early in the morning. most people have a fairly tight morning schedule and can’t really take time for a phone conversation. choose a time in your day when you will be calm and focused, and when you have lots of time just in case she answers. Also, ensure you are not in a noisy area that makes it hard to listen to what you’re saying.

6. Plan what you’ll say.

Write it down and have it prepared when you make your call. you need to have a plan for what you’ll say if she picks up, or what message you want to leave if she doesn’t. Have a script for the conversation if she answers, and one for leaving a message. this can keep you from stuttering or rambling, and knowing specifically what you’re going to say will assist you focus more on how you sound rather what you’re saying.


7. Keep it light. don’t talk about something negative.

Don’t complain, and don’t whine concerning how hard she is to get on the phone. you would like to make sure she has nothing but positive feelings related to you, and nothing but positive expectations about calling you back