7 Ways to Build Trust In a Relationship


Trust is the foundation for a relationship and when you have placed confidence and faith in your partner, you are also expecting your partner to keep promises and to stay with you even when things are getting tough.

Trust can vary when you face difficulties in life, so reassure each other that your love and faith is steady and unbroken as this will further strengthen the trust in your relationship.

Here are some steps to deepen the trust between you and your partner. The following methods can help you know how to build confidence in your relationship and help strengthen your bond with a heightened level of trust.

Never keep secrets:  If you want to strengthen your trust in your relationship, never keep secrets. Nothing can weaken or destroy the foundation of your relationship faster than secrets.

 Give priority to your partner’s interests: When you give or do more, your partner will also know that they can count on you for everything and that you have their best interests at heart. Only when your partner is confident and feels that they can trust and count on you, will he/she show the more vulnerable side of their personality to you.

Keep your promises:  Try to follow the little promises that you keep. For example, if you say you would call him/her after reaching office or would be there for them in some place at a certain time make sure you keep your word. Always make sure you do these little things if you want to build trust in your relationship.

 Confide in him/her: The first step to build confidence and strengthen trust in your relationship is to open up and communicate. If you are forthright and self revealing, your partner is more likely to be more open and honest with you. If you leave your office quite peeved, don’t keep it all in when you meet your partner. If you have something to share, don’t hold back.

Empathies: Every time your partner has something to tell you-like the major blunder he committed at work, put yourself in his shoes. When you empathize with your partner and suggest solutions, you will be able to build confidence in your relationship. Therefore it will help you to trust them more. But when you criticize his/her behaviour, there is the possibility that he/she will think twice about confiding in you the next time.

Practice forgiveness Make sure to practice forgiveness when you are hurt or upset with your partner. Try to let go of your bitterness once the both of you have talked things through.
Have faith in your partner’s capabilities:  If you believe that your partner is not proficient in certain things then your trust in them will not be rock solid. If this is case, show him that you care and in a loving manner be upfront with them about issues, as this will allow you to build confidence in your relationship and to strengthen the trust in each other.

H/T:  Boldsky