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7 Things You Shouldn’t Hold Against Your Man

7 Things You Shouldn’t Hold Against Your Man

Men are very dissimilar to ladies that is why we’ve seek out a couple of things that you should never hold against your man


Every man gets a bit jealous and insecure each now and then. This truth will be attributed to their naturally protecting and possessive nature. a bit jealousy doesn’t mean that he’s making an attempt to control you or trying to grab your freedom, what it does mean, is that he’s acting on his nature. Why would you hold it against him if he’s a bit frightened of losing you?


Most men don’t really understand the mechanics of comforting a girl. If your guy is like most men, there isn’t really you’ll do except love his companionship. If you’re hunting something and he’s with you, then which means that’s the best he will do. at least he’s there to provide a literal shoulder to cry upon if not emotional support.

Not Being Able To Read Your Mind

Just because one thing is obvious to you doesn’t mean it’s to him. In fact, most of the time, it most likely won’t be. you have got to remember that he has a bunch of things on his mind that you simply don’t know about. A man who will notice that you’re upset however ignores it would be different, though. You can’t go wrong by gently mentioning whatever it’s that’s bothering you and laying everything out out. If you want something from him or are irritated by what he’s doing, simply tell him, and that are the end of that


Men, generally, are forgetful creatures. Yes, they always forget things sometimes however you have got to understand that a man has a lot of responsibilities and tons of things on his plate. they do feel bad about forgetting things and most of them even apologize or make up for it later. it’s never okay to carry a long time grudge for their forgetfulness as a result of that’s one thing built-in, in the male psyche and you do not have to be compelled to take it personally.

As long as you don’t feel suffocated, a bit jealousy and insecurity is normal.

Need Space

Men, sometimes, get exhausted from all the everyday life stress which is why, they need a while to come to their normal selves and most men do it by being alone for a short time. that the next time he asks for a bit alone time, don’t hold that against him, he’s not tired of you and it’s not about you at all. However, if he desires to be alone for over forty eight hours, then your anger is understandable


Aggression are a few things that are a part of man’s nature since the primitive times. it’s just an biological process trait and you ought to not hold that against him. each man gets angry to a normal extent and therefore the things he says throughout that aggressive phase, he rarely means them. therefore if your guy says hurtful things – but to a limit – then you ought to not hold it against him. moreover, even the tiniest amount of physical aggression mustn’t be tolerated. on the other hand these things, aggression is normal for men.


Men are hardworking and if your man is basically committed to you, he can work even tougher to provide you with the items that you just need even though you’re completely independent. He’ll additionally work effortlessly for his future with him. So, if he works too hard, you need to support him rather than holding it against them. At the end of the day, he’s doing this for you


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