A guy who shows us off

A guy who is proud to be with his girlfriend is such a turn on, and a guy who plays it off like she’s just a “side-piece” to his friends is a total turn off. Don’t be one way with us, and another way with your friends. We want you to be as proud as we are to be with you. Don’t be scared to show us off- we want you to do it. Show your friends that you’re lucky to have us, because you are.

A guy who cares

If we are upset, we want you to care. If we’ve had a bad day, we want you to care. If we are just in a bad mood because it’s that time of the month, we still want you to care. Nothings hurts more than when a guy says he doesn’t care- it honestly makes us feel like we aren’t good enough. Care about us just as much as we care about you, and I promise we’ll make you happier than you’ve ever been.

 A guy who has ambitions

A guy who isn’t scared to set goals for himself is very attractive. We want a guy who wants to succeed in life, not a guy who only cares about drinking on the weekends. Be ambitious and tell us what you want in life. A guy who knows what he wants is such a turn on.

 A guy who is LOYAL

Just like you don’t want us answering guys who slide into our DM’s, we don’t want you answering those girls who Snapchat you on the weekends. We understand that sometimes there are temptations, but all we ask is that you respect us enough to never act on them when we’re together. Ask any girl who has ever been cheated on how important loyalty is- please never put a girl through what cheating puts us through.

 A guy who is honest

Honesty is the best policy. Girls are amazing at finding things out, and usually, we know you’re lying before you even speak. If we ask you something, be honest about it. We are much more sympathetic when you come right out and tell us rather than having us find out from someone else.

 A guy who isn’t scared of his feelings

Nothing is more aggravating than being the only one to express feelings in a relationship. A guy who holds things back is not attractive. We want to know how you feel, no matter how intense it is. Don’t be the tough guy, be the guy that yells “I love (insert name)” off the top of a building.

A guy who makes time for us

We don’t expect to see you every day, and we respect that sometimes you need your guy time. However, making time for us is crucial. We want to know that you love to be around us just as we love to be around you. It can be something as simple as watching a movie, or going for a joy ride. Anytime we get to spend together is cherished.

H/T: The Odysseyonline