7 Signs You Should Just Walk Away From The Relationship


You shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting to end things when you know that things just aren’t going to work out. You shouldn’t be afraid to pull the plug on something that is doomed anyway. That’s why it’s okay for you to just walk away from a dead-end relationship. But the key is in actually figuring out that you’re in a dead-end relationship to start with. If you don’t want to get blindsided by the signs, then you have to develop a sense of self-awareness in your relationship.

Here are some sign that you need to be on the lookout for in your relationship.

1. The relationship stresses you out.

While relationships aren’t exactly strolls in the park, they shouldn’t be leaving you perpetually stressed out. Relationships aren’t designed to be easy, but they’re also not designed to be a major source of your stress. You should be in a relationship that actually helps alleviate your stress. You should be with a partner who wants to help make your life easier. You shouldn’t be constantly at odds with one another.

2. Your feelings have changed

You know how you should feel towards your partner but you do not feel it in your heart. You are stressed and scared that you cannot be warm and affectionate towards your partner like before. Just acknowledge that your feelings have changed and may never go back to what they were before. Waiting longer is unfair to both of you. So, as difficult as it maybe, be honest with your partner about your feelings and pursue your happiness.

3. There is a shortage of intimacy in the relationship.

Couples who don’t practice intimacy, affection, or endearment with one another shouldn’t even be considered as couples anymore. You are practically just people who are living your lives in accordance or alongside one another’s. A healthy relationship is always filled with lots of love, affection, and intimacy. When your relationship is devoid of these things, then you can bet that the end is near.

4. He is in another relationship

You have had a great relationship until he tells you that he is seeing someone else. He claims that he has been looking for the right moment to tell you about this affair or relationship. Such a man is a player and not worth your time. If he cheats and lies once, he will do it again.