7 Signs You Might Have Diabetes And Not Even Know It

1. Your cuts and scrapes heal more slowly

Researchers have concluded that excess sugar in the body hinders the effective functioning of the body’s natural immune mechanism. It is believed that sugar makes the blood thicker, which makes immune cells unable to travel to infection sites.

2. Smelling breath

According to study co-author Gus Hancock, it is possible to use acetone measurements in breathing to estimate blood ketone levels. The higher the ketone levels, the higher the blood sugar level, and the more likely it is to get this polygenic disorder.

3. Frequent dehydration

This is the body’s response to losing too much water when you drink. It is not enough to drink only once when you feel thirsty. Contact your doctor to make sure it is a normal response.

4. Your hearing is getting worse

Most individuals can reject the loss of hearing perfection in an ear infection or simply at the age limit. According to the researchers, this may be a sign that blood vessels and nerves in the ear are becoming more and more affected by high blood sugar.

5. Abnormally frequent urination

Someone with excess sugar may reject frequent urination as a sign that they drink plenty of water. Indeed, excess sugar causes bowel injuries and urinary tract infections that could cause frequent urination.

6. Your vision seems blurry

It is a poligenic condition that changes the levels of fluid in the body, especially the eyes. Fluid fluid in the eye causes blurring of objects and the environment.

7. Unexplained weight gain

Because there is too much glucose in the blood, the body tries to get rid of excess sugar by turning it into stored fat. Currently, stored fat is reflected as weight gain once you have taken the step on the scale.