Want to know how a perfect boyfriend looks like? here’s a list of signs that you have found the one who is perfect and worthy to have your heart.

He accepts all of you.

You may think you’re a piece of shit, and who knows for all I know you might actually be a piece of shit. Hey, I’m not here to judge but if he can accept all your inevitable flaws and all and still love you unconditionally then he’s real and so are his feelings.

He listens to you.

Everyone wants to be heard, don’t get me wrong. But listening is a key part of communication that establishes that he understands your thoughts and actually considers them when making his own decisions. If he can stay focussed during a two hour rage rant from you or when a serious conversation about feelings comes up, then he passes!

He cooks.

Okay, this may not be a ‘must do’ on the list, but a man who cooks is automatically twice as attractive. Feed my stomach while you feed my heart!

He trusts you.

Going back to giving you space, he trusts that you know better than to do anything scandalous behind his back. He won’t screen your call history or constantly ask where you are because there’s no need to worry about something you already trust.

He gives you space.

And by space I mean he allows you to have a life without him always there by your side. He allows you to pursue a career, your dreams and to hang out with your friends without constantly calling and monitoring your ass. Everyone needs their space, even if it’s away from bae


He does whatever he can to make you feel comfortable.


Whether you feel fat when looking in a mirror, or you’re simply cold outside and need his jacket, if seeing you uncomfortable makes him uncomfortable then it shows a sense of loyalty and compassion that you can rely on as a significant other.

He’s good with your family.

No matter how bae he is, he is never going to come between you and your family. Sure maybe your parents might not always like the guys you pursue but if he’s made the effort to bond with the most important people in your life then that should let you know that he’s all in to love both you and your family.

H/T:  Narcity