7 Reasons She’s Going To Leave You For Another Guy


All relationships are unique, and women can choose to leave for a number of reasons. It can be difficult to generalize as to why girls leave, but there are a few emerging trends here. There are some overwhelmingly common behaviors that men exhibit which may lead to bringing their ladies to the tipping point. If you find that you are guilty of a lot of the things that are listed on here, then you better make your adjustments soon. You don’t want your girl to be leaving you without notice. You don’t want her to be leaving you at all.

1. You are always acting moody.

You are always creating negative vibrations everywhere you go. Remember that not too many people are fond of negative energy. If you are always espousing negative energy whenever you’re around her, you can’t expect her to stick around for too long.

2. You get caught lying to her too much.

Dishonesty has no place in any loving relationship. You shouldn’t even be lying to her in the first place. And yet, you do it on a consistent basis and you’re always getting caught. She just isn’t going to stand for that kind of behavior.

3. You are a little too tightly wound.

Learn to let loose and live things up a little. Go on an adventure. Stop feeling the need to control the situation. Stop being so serious. Learn to be immature and be childish every once in a while. It eases the tension in any relationship.