Here are 7 questions that your girl is secretly dying to ask you:

1. “Would you still be with me even if your parents don’t think I’m good enough?”

This is a very tricky question most especially if you love your parents and would never do anything to hurt them. The best advice that we could give you when answering this question is to assure her that there is absolutely nothing about her that your parents would hate. Make her feel like she’s perfect and that it’s virtually impossible for anyone not to like her. You’re extremely proud to have her as a girlfriend and make sure she knows it.

2. “How deep have you gotten with other girls in previous relationships?”

This is another tricky area and we urge you to venture lightly. Be honest and open about your exes but be sensitive with the language you use. What’s important is that in the end, she will still end up feeling like there’s a future that’s in store for the both of you. She will still want to know that your exes don’t matter to you anymore and that she is your only one.

3. “Have you ever wanted to marry an ex?”

Again, just be honest. Reassure her of your feelings for her and that she’s the only one who occupies your heart at the moment. No one could possibly do anything to replace her in your life and you don’t ever plan on breaking her heart. If you’re still unsure about marriage plans with her, be honest about where you are, and make her understand where you’re coming from. She just wants complete honesty from you, and you should grant her that privilege.

4. “Are you really in love with me?”

No matter how many times you’ve uttered those three words, your girl is going to need constant reassurance. She likes to hear it over and over again, not because she’s insecure, but just because she likes to hear you constantly reaffirming her of your love for her. It makes her feel nice and wanted. Just do her a favor and make her feel special by uttering an “I love you” every now and then.

5. “How much do you love me exactly?”

While it can be difficult to quantify love, she will want some concrete quantifications. She will want to know how much you love her in degrees. Would you die for her? Would you change who you are for her love? Would you be willing to live a difficult life just so you could keep her in it? These are some important questions that she will want answers to in order to feel comfortable about your relationship.

6. “Do other girls still catch your attention?”

It’s perfectly fine to appreciate beauty in other girls, and you should let her know this. If you’re always expressing your love and care for her, she should be confident enough to know that you only have space in your heart for her. And while you do notice the beauty in others, it should only be her beauty that shines through and manages to leave a lasting imprint on your soul.

H/T: RelRules