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7 Lap Dance Moves That Will Drive Him Crazy

7 Lap Dance Moves That Will Drive Him Crazy

Listed below are a few lap dance moves that will intoxicate your man, leaving him to beg for more. Before you look at some of the simple moves that will captivate your man, it is important to go through a few ground rules:

– You need to prepare a suitable chair that is both comfortable and stable
– Set the mood by putting on smooth and sensual music
– Put on an outfit that makes you look hot and sexy. You do not have to wear crazy heels through the dance. Balance is essential since falling through the dance is not sexy at all

Rule of thumb: your man is only allowed to look and not touch. Without further ado, have a look at the 7 lap dance moves that will leave your guy full of appetite.

1. The Reverse Cowgirl

The move is performed by shaking your butt while moving into a reverse position. Make sure that you are close enough to him. This move will definitely drive him crazy.

2. The Bend over Lean

This is a move guaranteed to drive your man super crazy. Do a sexy lean with the aim of showing off your sexy butt. Ensure to maintain eye contact when resuming an upright posture.


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