7 Issues You Shouldn’t Have In A Brand-New Relationship


The beginning of a relationship is supposed to be easy.

You really shouldn’t be fighting much in a new relationship.

If you are, then you’re just in the wrong relationship.

You know you don’t have to stay with every guy you have fun and good sex with for a few months, right?

If things turn sour early, you should probably recognize that this person’s not right for you.

Here are Issues you just shouldn’t have in the beginning of a relationship.

1. Making time for each other

In general, if a new relationship is healthy and on the right track, you make time for each other, even if there isn’t any.

You lose a couple of hours of sleep if those hours are the only time you can be together.

Being together a lot, in the beginning, is how you build the foundation of this thing.

Once you’re bonded, you can get back to a more normal schedule

Losing patience or temper quickly

You’re supposed to have nearly unlimited patience for a new partner.

Remember all of those lovey-dovey hormones and chemicals?

They’re supposed to soothe you into complacency and wanting to see the good in everything your partner does.

So if your boyfriend loses his temper with you a few months in, that means he has some anger problems.

Those will only be worse later.

2. Calling and texting

You can’t build a relationship with somebody who takes days to respond to a text, doesn’t answer voicemails, and just generally sucks at the phone.

Again, later in the relationship, your attentions might be drawn back to things like your career and friends, and you could slip up in the texting/calling department.

But if you’re bickering in a new relationship about phone etiquette, this thing doesn’t stand a chance.

3. Bumping heads with your friends

Your boyfriend isn’t going to like all of your friends, or agree with all of your friends.

But a new boyfriend sucks it up, bites his tongue, and gets along with your friends even if he doesn’t like them.

If your new boo is bumping heads with your friends, I’m sorry but, he’s a jerk!

He doesn’t care about developing a friendship with them. Being “right” in an argument is more important.

4. Core value disagreements

Do not write off disagreements about core values.

These can include things like how you treat homeless people, what place family should hold in your life, and the significance of money.

If you have heated arguments about your core values and beliefs, you’re in for a difficult relationship.

It doesn’t matter if you have the same sense of humor if, ultimately, you don’t think your partner is a good person.

5. Putting you last

You can’t put each other first all of the time. In fact, it’s important that you have a balanced life, and give your family and friends attention, too. But putting each other first in the beginning of a relationship is kind of an important part of forming a bond. So if you always come last for your boyfriend of half a year, that’s a problem. How are you supposed to build a foundation, and help each other see that you’ll always have each other’s backs?

6. Being a little too honest

Once you’ve been with someone for a few years, you may start to be a little more honest with him about, well, him.

And, likewise, your long-term boyfriend can be more openly critical of you.

But it’s not normal for a boyfriend of three months to criticize you.

This is a time when the love hormones are supposed to make you look perfect to each other.

If this guy is critical now, he’ll be a downright a**hole in the future.

7. Not enough sex

It’s normal to let your sex life decline after being together for years.

You have a deeper bond holding you together, so you can afford to go without sex for weeks at a time.

But in a new relationship, having lots of sex is part of the critical chemical bonding.

Your hormonal drive to have sex should overpower your desire for things like sleep.

If that hormonal drive isn’t very strong, and you’re opting for sleep instead of sex, then you’re probably just with the wrong person.

H/T: Julia Austin for  MadameNoire