1. It’s Always a Fun Time for You When You’re Together

It doesn’t even matter what you’re doing. You could be watching the most boring movie in the world or you could be holding hands together on a super-fast roller coaster. Whenever you’re with each other, it’s always a fun time.

2. Physical Contact Feels Comfortable and Natural

Physical contact can get very awkward and uncomfortable. Just imagine rubbing elbows with a stranger in a cramped subway. Not a good feeling, right? Couples in love don’t have that awkwardness though. Physical contact is as natural as the sky is blue.

3. You Like to Tease Each Other Without Worrying About Getting Hurt

It’s all in good fun. He could be making fun of her birthmark on her shoulder blade. She could be making fun of his terrible morning breath. It wouldn’t matter. When you’re with your significant other, you know that you’re a flawed person and they accept your flaws regardless.