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7 Clear Signs Your Relationship Is Heading Toward A Breakup

7 Clear Signs Your Relationship Is Heading Toward A Breakup

1. Not Communicating

This goes beyond saying good morning or texting during the day. It’s when you start considering making life altering decisions without consulting your partner. If you love someone, then you would communicate with your significant other to see how such a decision will affect your future together.

2. Emotionally Distant

Being emotionally distant plays a huge role in breakups. A relationship is based on that emotional connection. If you don’t have that and you’re not willing to get it back, then something is wrong.

3. Friends Over Partners

Hanging out with friends is healthy, even when you’re in a relationship. However, when spending time with your friends sounds more appealing than time spent with your partner, then something is not right. The latter should be your favorite person in the world to spend time with.


4. Everyday Arguing

Arguments have their advantages because you get to let out whatever is bugging you. But once the argument is over, you should feel stronger, not weaker, as a couple. If you’re fighting way too much and more than usual, figure out what the problem is.

 5.Always Secretive

Unless one of you is planning an epic surprise birthday party, few things should remain a secret between you too. If you’re texting others behind your partner’s back or lying to your partner about what you’ve been up to, then this is another alarming sign.

6. Not Caring

Even worse than constant arguing is indifference. When you or your partner are at that stage where you don’t care where they go or what they say, then something’s not right. Caring about what the other one says and does is part of a relationship.

7. A Bad Feeling

Sometimes we know we’re heading towards a breakup even though we haven’t consciously admitted it to ourselves yet. There are times when we get that bad feeling that something is not right. Listen to that feeling and act upon it, so you don’t keep distracting yourself with things that don’t really matter.


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