Something that will always be the same in all of us regardless of whether we are men or women is the need to feel loved and accepted by others. That is why it is very important that you demonstrate love to your partner so that he / she knows the meaning that he / she has in your life.

1. Give all your attention and love

Just as you like to pay attention when you are talking about something, the same goes for him. It is important that all your attention be on you when you are chatting.

Remember that you would not like that I did not pay attention to you for doing other activities.

2. Ask for opinion

He needs to know that you take him or her into account for some decisions of your life. When asking for advice or opinion you make him or her feel special and loved. Of course, never do anything to please him or her even if you are not entirely convinced.


3. Take care of your physical appearance

It is important that you keep fixing as in the first dates, even if they have been together for a long time. The fact that you procures your physical appearance speaks well of you and your self-esteem. Also, with that you will get the message that you care and want it despite the time that has passed.

4. Let him have time for him

Just as you go out with your friends to talk, have a coffee or dance, it is important that he do it. That makes their relationship stronger and both feel full as a couple and as individuals that they are.

5. Be a playful with your partner without it being a special occasion

Occasionally take it in your arms and give it a long hug. Kiss it by surprise! Those little details are what keep the spark between you.

The best thing is that you can do it any day without needing it to be an important date.

6. Approve and admire what your partner does for you

You will love to hear that you are grateful for helping you solve certain problems. When you feel your admiration you will feel important and loved .

The most important thing in a relationship is that the two are in the same line and do their part to make it work. Giving love to your partner will not cost you anything if you do it from the heart.