6 Ways To Know If Your Man Truly Loves You


Here are 6 questions you should answer to know if your man truly loves you:

Do you think he can imagine his life without you?

Does he ever talk about the future together? Does he make you feel like you’re a constant part of his life decisions, a part he couldn’t survive without? When you truly love someone, one thing that is sure to happen is that you become incapable of imagining a life without your significant other. You feel like a life without them wouldn’t even be a life at all. If you think your partner has never made you feel this way, then maybe this relationship is just something that will fade away with time.

Does he show respect at ALL times?

If you feel like your partner’s respect for you is limited to only certain times and situations, if his choice to be kind, respectful and caring towards you depends on the mood he’s in, it’s very unlikely that your relationship will stand the test of time. Acting respectful and caring one day, and then rude and selfish the very next, should not even be an option.

Does he live up to his words?

Actions speak louder than words. I cannot emphasize enough on this one line! To determine if someone truly loves you, all you need to do is observe how they behave with you. Does he talk to you with love and affection when you’re alone and then completely ignore you when you’re around other people? Does he declare how madly in love he is with you, and then just stop listening the minute you start telling him about the day you’ve had? Does he say he’ll always be there for you and then end up ditching you for your date whenever his boys make a sudden plan? If the answer to any or all of these questions is yes, then you need to consider if his words mean anything at all.

Is your relationship based on equality?

When you’re in a healthy relationship, and when your guy truly loves and respects you, he’ll treat you as an equal partner in his life, and as an individual who has an equal say in the relationship. If you feel like your partner never even considers your opinion in the important decisions of the relationship and if he expects you to accept and follow all of his instructions without questioning them, then he doesn’t truly love you.

Do you trust him with your life?

Trust is one of the most essential features of a relationship, sometimes even more essential than love! If you can’t completely trust him with the intricate details of your life, if you still hesitate in letting him in after months or even years of being together, if you can’t truly believe every single thing that comes out of his mouth, then you should really start considering why you’re in still this relationship.

Does he acknowledge his love for you?

Does he feel no hesitation in declaring his love and affection for you? Do you feel like the love he gives you comes naturally and constantly, without you having to beg for it? When you really love someone, you want to tell them. Sometimes, you even want to scream it to the whole world. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for a really long time, you still need to hear those three words. We all do. If you don’t remember the last time he told you he loves you, then your relationship might have a problem

H/T:  RelRules