Depression can be found even in the most unlikely of people and we must always tread lightly around them. We must always practice full compassion and empathy for these people. We have to be sensitive of their feelings and know that whatever we say or do can greatly affect them.

1. No one ever chooses to be depressed or not.

Depression is not something that people can just choose to have or get rid of. There isn’t a switch that you can flip up or down. Depression isn’t something that you can turn off whenever it gets uncomfortable. No one ever chooses to become depressed. Depression comes even when you don’t expect, and if you’re not strong enough, it can consume your entire being. So it doesn’t make sense for you to just tell people with depression to “look on the bright side” and expect them to follow you.

2. You can’t just tell them that “things are going to be fine.”

You don’t really know for sure. Even they aren’t certain how things are going to turn out for them in the future. You don’t know what’s going on in their minds and you can’t assume anything. Instead, confirm this uncertainty with your partner and just let them know that for whatever things you can control, you will be there.