6 Things Every Girl Needs to Know About Men


Women often complain that men’s behavior seems odd to them. Here are a few things women should know about men:

Actions speak louder than words

Men cannot read minds and they are not as expressive as most women are. Tell your man what you want and he will try to give you that. Stop expecting him to understand and fulfill your expectations on his own. Tell him what you expect and want. For example if you want him to surprise you with a special date tell him you love it when he surprises you with a date.

Men want to be respected

Men expect respect in public and in private. They excel when they know you trust and admire them. They want respect more than love. If you respect them, they will respect you, and will try to maintain that respect. After all, respect is something that can only be earned. Shaunti Feldhahn, nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, author, and speaker, showed research that shows men would rather withstand loss of loving feelings from their partners than to lose their respect.

They are insecure

Men are sensitive when it comes to their role in life, whether at work or at home as a father and husband. They are internally secretly vulnerable, which they will rarely admit. A woman should acknowledge her husband’s role which makes him more confident and secure. If you stop giving him affirmation he is likely to seek it somewhere else.