Everyone deserves to be respected. It is important in any kind of relationship. You can’t possibly love someone without respecting them and no one would want to be in a relationship where they aren’t valued.

A person who only shows love but no respect is only interested in reaping the benefits of a relationship but not actually working towards making their partner happy as well. A truly caring partner will respect and recognize you as a human being that’s not dependent on them.

Here are six signs that your partner respects you.

Any decisions that you make, you can always count on him to back you up. You’ve had an argument; he’s going to side with you. Whatever you tell him, he’d take your word for it. He’d never embarrass you in front of anyone by contradicting you in anyway. Your dignity matters to him, he wouldn’t let anyone harm it in any way, nor will he ever try doing anything of the sort.

A good, respecting partner will know what you don’t like and will do everything possible to avoid it. That means if you’re not comfortable with being tickled, they won’t tickle you, or if you don’t want to try a certain thing in bed, they’ll respect that and stick to what makes both of you happy. When your partner doesn’t put any pressure on you to do anything you’re not 100% keen on, then that’s a chance that they respect you and your choices regarding your body.

All it takes for you to have his support is to tell him that you want to do something. Even if it’s the wackiest thing ever, he’d tell you to go for it. He constantly reminds you to take risks, even the most unimaginable ones. You could probably succeed at it and even if you don’t, he knows you can handle a few bumps in the road. And if you can’t handle it on your own, you can always lean on him as well.

A good partner will never try to spare you from bad news because they know it’ll make you sad or upset. They’ll be frank with you if something’s wrong and that shows they respect your intelligence and ability to make decisions. It also shows that they’re confident enough in your relationship to be fully and completely honest with you. It’s never nice being lied to and if someone respects you, they’d never do that.

In a conversation with your SO, have you ever had the feeling that you’re just talking at a brick wall? If your partner makes you feel like that, that’s a sign that they don’t respect or care for what you have to say. A committed partner listens carefully to you and replies accordingly – they don’t just wait for you to finish so that they can say their bit. If they really listen and engage, that’s a good sign that they have a lot of respect for you.

A good, respectful SO will know the goals you set for yourself – physically, emotionally, professionally, academically, etc. – and they’ll support you on your way to them. Once you achieve those goals, your partner will be obviously proud of you, and maybe even talk about your great achievements to their friends. That’s a sign that they truly care about your development as a person and your personal happiness.


H/T: Powerofpositivity  ,  Relrules