1. They only reply to your texts or answer your calls when they need something.

Your text messages and phone calls always go unanswered.

You aren’t important enough for a person to warrant an immediate and prompt reply.

The worst part is, the answered phone calls and text messages are only a result of ulterior motives.

They want something from you and that’s the only reason they’re giving you attention.

2. You are unhappy with the relationship.

If you are unhappy, then something is causing your unhappiness.

Most likely, there is something wrong in the relationship, and you need to figure out your next course of action.

Is it really worth saving a relationship that makes you unhappy?

3.  They bail on you.

Important events? Scheduled dates?

If this person is constantly bailing on you, then that most definitely you are always being deprioritized for something else.

It’s a matter of accepting that you are not an important aspect of this person’s life and that they would have no problem blowing you off for another option

4. They are always struggling to remember the details of your life.

If a person really cared about you, they would be hanging at every single word you say.

Even the simplest most nuanced details about your life would be important information for them, and they would always make an effort to remember it.

 5. You only get valuable time with each other as a result of last minute planning.

You are never the beneficiary of a date or an outing that has been planned for a long time.

If you constantly find yourself being in the company of someone who only asks you out last-minute, then that means you weren’t the first person who was asked.

There is probably a long list of people who declined an invitation to go out before you were considered an option.

6. You find yourself being the only one exerting much effort into the relationship.

If you think the relationship would crumble the moment you stopped trying to make it work, then that is definitely a bad sign.

It means that there is an imbalance between the two of you and that you’re the only one who is actually acting like the relationship is still worth saving.

H/T:  RelRules