1. Enjoying the new friend’s company a bit too much

It is good to have a few friends you can count on, but it is a little dangerous if you are spending more time with a friend of the opposite sex than you are with your love interest. We know this relationship could be completely platonic. But, if you feel awkward mentioning this person to your partner, chances are that you are falling for this new friend.

2. You lie to your partner about how much time you actually spend with this person.

You spend a lot of time together . You find excuses or create reasons to spend time with him or her.

3. Always wanting to be in touch

Quite understandably, your newfound friendship may have started on a genuine connection. But if you are often disappointed or hurt, if he/she does not stay in touch with you, then you are certainly spinning the web of emotional turmoil for yourself. You will realise, sooner or later that you are leading a dual life. On one hand, balancing your ‘actual’ love life, and on the other making a constant effort to stay in touch with this new friend.

4. Having conflicting emotions

If you feel drawn towards this new person in your life, you will undoubtedly have a conflict of emotions. This will leave you confused and you will try to avoid any sort of confrontation. Your interest in meeting or talking to your partner will diminish, and you will look for excuses to avoid them altogether. This will make you feel guilty, but you will end up sliding this emotion under the covers and keep away from it for as long as possible.

5. Sometimes, you catch yourself comparing your partner with this person.

You may get angry with your spouse for not doing things like the other person does. You start to idealize this person while your partner begins to look worse in your eyes. You may find yourself being more critical of your spouse.

6. Spotting flaws in your partner

You are most likely to spot flaws in the person you are in a relationship with because you have a new addiction. You compare both of them to know who is a better. This way you will end up destroying your relationship even though your partner might be just perfect. You will try to convince yourself that your partner is not paying you enough attention just because you are getting ample from the new priority in your life.

H/T: Bollywoodshaadis