6 Signs That You Are In A Failing Relationship

In healthy relationships, the happiness of the two people involved is very important….

It is very healthy for them to stay content and aware of each other. However, if one of them is compromising too much or hurting too much, it is not a healthy sign.

1. It is adding negativity to your life.
A relationship is supposed to make you happy. It is supposed to add positivity to your life and to improve your life. However, if you are constantly brought down in a relationship then you really need to finish off things. A negative person will make your life negative. It wouldn’t matter if the person is generally nice, because the negative thinking will cause a lot of negative energy to take over.

2. They just want to change you.
When you fall in love with a person, you do so because you find the person attractive. It would be bizarre if you look at someone and then make a mental list of all the things you want to change about them. If you can’t accept each other for you both really are, then what is the point of the relationship at all?

3. You cannot open up comfortably.
Do you think a million times before sharing anything with them? Are they restricting you and keeping you in a box? Do you feel that you just can’t say what you really want to? If all of these are things you can relate to then your relationship is either sinking or has already hit rock bottom. Be with someone who appreciates what you have to say and values your opinions.

4. You fail to trust them.
Trust is the most important feature of a relationship. If the people involved cannot trust each other, then why are they even together? It is very important for the two people to love each other but trust is equally important. If they have broken your heart too many times and then apologized later, don’t just forgive them again like that.

5. Your fights are never resolved.
I always stress on the fact that arguments do not break relationships but they often make them stronger. You both are together and you both want to convince each other of something which gives rise to little arguments. However, if your arguments are taking forever to resolve then there is something definitely wrong with your relationship, and it would be best to let it go.

6. Everything feels one-sided.
A relationship is not supposed to make you feel worthless. In fact it is supposed to make you feel special but if it involves a person always thinking about themselves and their goals, you are in trouble. The person shouldn’t just be there when he is bored or when he needs someone to talk to – he should be there when you need him too. If they can’t make you feel wanted and you feel like someone only worth of keeping them happy, run away! And run as fast as you can