6 Signs He Isn’t Ready For A Relationship, Even If He Says He Is

4. He isn’t doing so well with his career.

Don’t date a man who doesn’t have his life together. If they aren’t ready to just fix their own personal lives, then they certainly aren’t ready to be in a relationship with you. If you happen to be dating a man who is just struggling with his career and his finances, maybe you should give him the space to fix himself first. Being in a relationship will only add more stress and distractions to his hectic life.

5. He still goes to his mom to make his decisions for him.

Momma’s boys are very difficult to be with. They might be overly dependent and immature. If your man is still the type of guy who goes to his momma before he can make a decision in life, then he really isn’t ready to be your man just yet. Being in a relationship with him would be like being in a relationship with his mom.

6. He has outrageous fits of jealousy.

A jealous man is not a joy to be with. Sure, it can be endearing to know that a person wants to take care of you and wants to shield you from harm. But it’s a separate issue entirely to have a man who is possessive, territorial, and just downright paranoid. If he’s too insecure about your relationship, then he’s the type of man who has to grow to become more secure about his manhood before he can date you.

H/T: Relrules 

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