There are some common red flags that indicate that a person isn’t really ready for a relationship yet. If your man happens to be exhibiting some of these red flags, then do yourself a favor and confront him about it. If you are able to find a compromise moving forward, then great. If he isn’t going to budge, then maybe you should reconsider the entire relationship as a whole.

1. You have hidden plenty of things about yourself from him.

And lastly, another probable reason as to why a man wouldn’t be ready for a relationship with you is due to your secrecy. You have to be able to prepare a man to be in a relationship with you. You can’t be hiding anything from him if you want him to be ready to date you. You have to open yourself up to your man and let him see the entire truth about who you are.

2. He just went through a horrible breakup.

One other big sign that he’s just not ready to be in a relationship with you is if he’s visibly bearing some emotional baggage from a previous relationship. Never be a person’s rebound. You’re just going to get yourself hurt by doing so. Make sure that any man you’re going to be in a relationship with is completely over any bad breakups and previous relationships.

3. He just had a baby with someone else.

Kids are tricky business. While it’s typically a bad thing to date someone who already has a child, you really have to consider the timing of the situation. It’s always a bad idea to date someone who has JUST HAD A BABY with someone else. You don’t want the emotional turmoil and drama that comes with that whole ordeal.