6 Reasons Why You Fall Out of Love


1. Communication took a back seat.

The partners started denying each other the simple pleasure of each other’s company, stopped spending time with each other, they stopped talking. Communication is extremely important not only to fall in love but also to stay in love, couples fall out of love when they become  strangers to each other. You don’t  know what’s going on in your partner’s life, stop paying attention to each other, don’t know what are their needs, wants etc; you start living separate lives.

2. Trust is broken.

Lying, cheating and dishonesty. These are the biggest unforgivables of a relationship especially if they keep repeating. The partner who is being lied to will eventually get tired of it and the love will keep diminishing. It is a sure way of making the other person turn against you, a recipe for disaster and a leading cause of break ups.

3. The relationship started wrong.

If the relationship wasn’t built on solid foundations then it has high chances of falling apart in the long run. For e.g. lust was mistaken for love, or it started off as cheating or an affair. This wasn’t love in its purest form in the first place and the truth had to hit sooner or later. Relationships which start wrong can never withstand the challenges of life and are destined to end.