Are you going crazy wondering what’s happening, why he hasn’t texted you back? Sometimes, regardless of how much we stare at our phone, the guy just doesn’t text us back at all even if you just gave him your number. So here are 6 reasons why he didn’t text you.

1. He Lost Your number

If you gave a man your number on a napkin at a bar, at a club, at a movie, or perhaps at a restaurant, there’s a decent probability he didn’t text as a result of he truly lost your number or he forgot to save it on his phone.  Men are only human, you know. They lose things similar to we do

2. You’re Not on His Mind

As much as I hate to put in writing this one, not all reasons are sensible ones. Sometimes, when a man doesn’t text it’s as a result of he’s not thinking of you. you’re not on his mind.
When that happens, there’s not a great deal you’ll do about it. Bombarding him with, “Hey, are you there?” texts will not help your scenario. If he’s not thinking of you, he’s just not thinking of you. Not a lot that may be done about that.

3. He wants His space

Another ugly reason a man didn’t text you is as a result of he needs his space. In other words, you’re suffocating him. Men tend to really freak out when a lady pays too much attention to them. It’s quite an “I wish her to like me, but i need my freedom, however i need to chase her, but I’m too frightened to actually do something concerning it all” sort of thing that goes on with men. The point is that you’re enveloping him. so give him some time and let him return to you. It’s a guy thing.

4. He Got Too Busy

If a man hasn’t texted you yet and it’s been not up to a week, don’t worry too much. I’ve learnt that irrespective of how busy i’m, the reality is when I’m waiting for a text it’s actually because the guy is way busier than i am.
Men have lives, too. They need work, they need hit the gym, they are stress and everything else in-between. If he hasn’t texted you yet, he okay would possibly just be busy.

5. He’s Not really into You

If you offer your number to a man and he doesn’t text, then he’s simply not into you.

6. You Frightened Him

If you’re making an attempt to date a shy guy and you are surprise why he hasn’t sent you a text, it’s quite possible because you frightened him because he his shy. It happens, simply go on to the next one.