While it’s difficult to generalize why women leave, Here are 6 things which are common to most of the cases:

1. You are not being honest:

You are probably lying to her too much and in most of the cases, she has been catching you.

Honesty is a key element in sustaining a relationship. If you are not honest, then your partner is bound to leave you.

2, You have frequent mood swings:

We all have emotions but being moody is not a sign of behaving like a responsible adult.

No one likes a complaining, whining partner. It’s the negativity that made her leave you.

3. You are boring:

Relationship is always about adding sparks. Even you don’t like boring people or things.

So, if you yourself become predictable, what’s the joy for her to stay with you?

4. You don’t listen to her:

She probably knows every problem you are facing in your life but how much do you know about her? Imagine feeling ignored all the time. She feels that too when you don’t take the time to listen to her. She also feels she is not important in your life.

5. You are being too critical of her:

Criticism is good but being too much judgmental makes her feel bad about herself. If she’s not happy in the relationship, what’s the point of staying?

6. You don’t give her space:

Possessiveness is good but over-possessiveness makes one feel claustrophobic in the relationship.

She must have been feeling suffocated and chained in the relationship and decided to set herself free.

H/T: Emilia Gordon for  The Minds Journal