6 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Is Ignoring You

If you notice that your boyfriend is ignoring you, do you know why? Maybe he feels pressured or he is bored of your grumbling.

Check this list of 6 reasons he ignores you to make easier to know why he does that.

1. Stress

Stress is another reason that your boyfriend ignores you. When your lover is stressed, he just needs some time to deal with it to be ensuring that he isn’t going to drive you away, push you away or snap at you.

2. He feels pressured

You have been with your boyfriend for a long time and you’re insisting on moving in or wedding. No doubt, it can be a reason he ignores you. Don’t pressure him for a wedding or moving in – all in good time!

3. Constant grumbling

When you constantly grumble to your boyfriend about chores, job, or something else, it also can be a reason he ignores you. Change your grumbling into soft little remarks. If you’re grumbling too much, it might be a good idea to change that grumbling into something else. Give him free rein!

4. Hesitate

A hesitation is something that affects not only every single woman, but men too. If you hesitate in your boyfriend and you keep controlling him, it might be one of the reasons he ignores you. That’s why, stop hesitate in your guy and you’ll see a huge difference in his attitude!

5. Changed feelings

Another reason your boyfriend ignores you is changed feelings. Maybe your boyfriend changed his feelings and just draws away and ignores you instead of breaking up with you. You need just have a talk with him about it.

6. You’re clingy

If you constantly cling onto your boyfriend and dependent on him, he might start to ignore you. You should know that most men are attracted to not only confidence but also an independent woman. Don’t cling to him too much, be more independent!

H/T:  Amerikanki