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6 Reason Why Your Husband Doesn’t Respect You

6 Reason Why Your Husband Doesn’t Respect You

Do you really feel like your hubby doesn’t respect you? Disrespectful men are men who avoid taking responsibility for problems. Sometimes your husband might not value you because of something you did that you aren’t aware of or because of his personality. Understanding more about men will help you get more respect.

1. Don’t Think You’re Always Right​

If you think that you’re always right and always have your own way then this can takes its toll on your husband and cause him to lose some respect for you. Just because he may want to go about something differently doesn’t mean it’s the wrong way. If you’re like this then you need to learn to let go of the control and share it.

2. He Is overreactive

If your husband tends to overly react to little things then it is more than likely he will become easily disrespectful. He may be used to an easy life where his parents or old partner let him get away with most things which meant he never learnt how to deal with his reactions when he was refused something or done something wrong. Because of this, you may find that when you refuse him something or tell him that something he does upsets you then he may blow up with the worst words coming out of his mouth.

3. Never User Sex As A Bargaining Tool​

One of the worst things you can do is to use sex as a bargaining tool as not only does this lose all romance but you also disrespect yourself. An example of someone using sex as a bargaining tool would be if they were to say to their husband “if you fix that washing machine for me then you’ll get sex tonight”.​

4. Don’t Put Others Before Him


You may not realize it but you are disrespecting your husband if you put others before him which will lead him to lose respect for you. For example, if you planned to go out on Friday with your husband for a nice meal but then you cancel because your friends want to go out… this is putting your friends before your husband. If you regularly put others before your husband then it can lead him to lose respect for you because he feels you don’t respect him.​

5. He Is Selfish​

Being selfish isn’t something that people are born with; it is a trait that is learned. For example, if your husband was brought up with minimal rules such as not having a curfew or not having to do his homework then he will not appreciate or respect many rules. He may feel that he can do whatever he pleases and so when you get upset about something he has done, he will blame you rather than his own behavior. If your husband is selfish then it is rare that he will show respect for anyone.​

6. It Could Be You​

Now that I have covered some traits that your husband might have that makes him not have respect for you, you also need to consider whether there are some things you are doing that may cause him to disrespect you.  If there is one sure way to lose the respect of your husband it is nagging and corrected him in public and in particular, his friends.

Source: Heraspiration 


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