6 Helpful Ways To Prevent Vaginal Discharge


Most of the time, vaginal discharge is perfectly normal. The uterus of women produces a white mucus called as vaginal discharge which is discharged through the vagina. Vaginal discharge wards off harmful microorganisms and keeps the vagina healthy and clean

Here’s the truth: you can never 100 percent prevent discharge. Sorry. It’s necessary and it will happen no matter what. But you can prevent, like, a lot of discharge. Or you can try to, at least. Every woman’s body is different and these things won’t work for all of you. Even if they don’t do what you wanted, though, they will help keep your vagina healthy and happy, so it’s worth a shot! Here are a few tips on preventing vaginal discharge you should know about

Stop Washing With Scented Products

If you’re familiar with Gurl.com, then you should already know that scented products are the worst for your vagina. They can upset your pH balance and lead to infections and extra discharge. Stop washing your vag with this stuff! Avoid it at all costs.

Wear Cotton Underwear

Silk and lace underwear might feel nice and look sexy, but unfortunately, they can be breeding grounds for the kind of bacteria that can lead to extra discharge. On top of that, materials like silk are often heavier than cotton and can lead to more sweating, which can contribute to discharge. You’re best off wearing cotton underwear – it’s breathable and the healthiest fabric for your vagina.

Stop Wearing Panty Liners So Often

A lot of girls who experience a lot of discharge begin to wear pads or panty liners so they don’t stain their underwear. This isn’t ideal. I mean, yeah, it works, and it’s fine to do once in a while… but if you’re wearing them every single day, all day, you need to cut back. This extra layer of stuff in your underwear can actually lead to more discharge.

Don’t Wear Thongs

Thongs are convenient because they leave you without panty lines and they don’t leave you with an uncomfortable bunching feeling when wearing pants. Unfortunately, they’re not great for your whole area down there. The way the underwear is positioned makes it really easy for stuff from your butt to get into your vaginal area… and that can quickly lead to an infection or just a lot of extra discharge.

Change Right After Working Out

If you work out or play a sport, you should make sure to change your pants and underwear as soon as you’re done. You’ll be sweating a lot down there, making a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that leads to infections and more discharge. If you don’t have time to shower, then at least change out of your sweaty clothes and underwear.

Practice Daily Hygiene!

Being clean is always important, especially when it comes to vaginal discharge. Change your underwear a lot – if you experience a lot of discharge, you might want to change your underwear during the day. Make sure you wash underwear after each use. Shower daily and wash down there with just warm water. All of this leads to a healthy environment down there.

H/T:  Gurl