4. He makes and fulfills all of his promises to you.

Promises are only made and fulfilled for people who legitimately matter to you. That’s why if you find that your best friend is actually making and keeping his promises to you, that means he’s trying to prove his commitment to your relationship.

5. He calls you whenever he needs someone to talk to.

You’re the one he turns to whenever he’s in need of quality conversation. He knows he can trust you with his deepest feelings and his words. He knows that he can always go to you whenever he needs to get something off of his chest.

6.He isn’t afraid of being physically intimate with you.

He doesn’t shy away from hugs or innocent kisses when it comes to you. He would willingly put your arm around you if you told him that you were cold. He would hold your hand if you told him you were feeling vulnerable. He does everything a boyfriend would do (maybe except the less wholesome physical acts).

H/T :  Relrules