6 Clear Signs He Sees You As More Than His Best Friend

Once you are fairly certain that he wants to be more than just best friends with you, then you have to make a decision here. Do you want to risk the stable relationship that you already have as friends? Or are you fine with where you are because you don’t want to mess anything up?

Well, the decision is ultimately yours and no one can make it for you. However, if you still need a little assurance as to whether he’s romantically interested in you or not, just read on through until the end of this list. Here are some signs that he really sees you as more than just his best friend.

1. He makes jokes with you about getting married.

If he’s making jokes about getting married with you, you really have to consider the possibility that he’s not just joking. He’s just trying to diffuse the pressure of a sensitive topic by adding humor to the equation. But he really wouldn’t be bringing it up unless he has thought about it.

2.He takes a genuine interest in your life.

He dedicates a kind of attention in your life that you can’t really feel from anyone else. He is not one who shies away from asking you questions about your day. He would willingly listen to you babble on and on about your dreams, your frustrations, your quirks, and your random thoughts.

3. He has long and deep conversations with you about anything.

Everyone knows that conversations are what build and maintain relationships. Communication is one aspect of your so-called “friendship” that never seems to run out. You are always willing to talk to each other about absolutely anything, no matter how complex. 

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